Cruise in Style Around Fort Worth in the 2016 Buick Cascada

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In an effort to reach a younger generation of drivers, Buick has endeavored to shake its reputation as an old man’s car and adopt a sleek new persona, while still retaining the luxury that Buick drivers have enjoyed for decades. This continuing effort takes shape once again in the 2016 Cascada. With this new model, Fort Worth drivers are sure to find a refreshing and innovative vehicle that still embraces classic luxury.

Updated Luxury

The Cascada is a sleek convertible which draws off (under the hood, at least) the Verano, another one of Buick’s popular sedans aimed at attracting younger customers. Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick, said that the Cascada “represents the very best of the brand’s global development practices. It’s a car that will delight customers with a fun spirit and help drive the momentum that’s fueling Buick’s success.”

The Cascada certainly lives up to the representation Buick was hoping for. With its sleek, yet (more…)

The New Buick Regal Gets a Price Cut

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Buick’s mid-size sedan, the Regal, saw a price cut of over $3,000 on its highest-end model between 2015 and 2016. Drivers should rejoice at the chance to get the Regal at a lower price than last year; the car hasn’t lost any of its great features with the price cut.

2016 Buick Regal Prices

The base model for the 2016 Buick Regal starts at $27,990, which is the same as 2015’s base model price. The price reduction starts happening on the higher end models. Moving up to the 1SL model brings the Regal’s price up to $29,915. That’s $1,000 less than last year. In 2015, the Buick Regal came in a 1SN model, which is not available in 2016. The 1SP, the next step up after the 1SL, costs $2,535 less than its 2015 counterpart. The Buick Regal GS costs $3,320 less than it did last year.

Why the Cut

In the case of the Regal, the cut price doesn’t reflect a stripped down model. The (more…)

How Buick is Restyling Itself

Image via Flickr by lotprocars

Image via Flickr by lotprocars

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Buick?” You probably think of the classy, luxurious cars that have been the staple of one of GM’s oldest brands. Over the years, Buick has been losing customers to this expansive reputation. Despite this decline, Buick is not giving up. The company faces the daunting task of re-inventing itself to appeal to a younger generation. Read on to learn just how Buick is going to do this.

The Encore

Buick has captured this vision of reinvention in its new model, the Encore. This compact, crossover SUV stands in stark contrast to the old “living room on wheels.”

How is the Encore putting Buick back on the map? While maintaining the luxury that Buick has always achieved, the Encore provides the kind of appearance, cargo space, and specs that many buyers are looking for in today’s market. Buick hasn’t spared any expense on the Encore, from excellent safety features to state-of-the art technology, including dual-zoned climate control and even a WiFi hotspot.

The Encore lives up to its name. The vehicle captures Buick’s drive to start fresh and reinvent itself. (more…)

Family Luxury: The Buick Enclave for Discerning Fort Worth Families

Image via Flickr by The Toad

Image via Flickr by The Toad

Buick, one of GM’s oldest brands, has always been known for producing luxury vehicles. But you have a family now; you can only have luxury without a family, right? Wrong. With the Enclave, Buick has made it possible for you to find a family-friendly vehicle that still allows you to enjoy the luxury of a classy Buick. Here’s what makes the Enclave the Family Luxury Vehicle.


Let’s start with what Buick does best: luxury. What does the Enclave add to the classy lineup of Buick vehicles? The Enclave’s interior boasts three rows of seating with lots of space. As has always been Buick’s goal, the Enclave drives comfortably and smoothly and is able to traverse rough terrain with little jolting inside the cabin. The Enclave’s handling is smooth and responsive, and its interior is smooth and attractive, giving off a feeling of ambient luxury.

Easy-to-use comfort control adds to the Enclave’s comfort and luxury, with tri-zone climate control so everyone in the vehicle can enjoy his or her own preferred temperature. Not only that, more convenience is provided with Buick Intellilink, which allows you to connect with your family and friends without touching your phone. Your family will be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable, luxurious drive in the Enclave. (more…)

Buick’s Integration of Apple CarPlay

Buick Apple Carplay Integration

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In June 2015, at the C3 Connected Car Conference, Buick announced the much anticipated inclusion of Apple CarPlay into all 2016 Regal and LaCrosse models. For anyone with an iPhone and a love of Buick vehicles, this is a pretty exciting development considering many fellow car brands have yet to introduce the new technology into their own cars. Here’s a look at what exactly Apple CarPlay is and how it’s been received:

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a system that takes the basic and most recognizable iPhone features and integrates them into the vehicle’s display, allowing the driver to use their (more…)

Buick Announces Cheaper Base Models For Select 2015 Cars

Image via Flickr by 2011 BUICK REGAL

Image via Flickr by 2011 BUICK REGAL

Buick is trying something new this summer by offering cheaper versions of its 2015 sedans, hoping to snag thrifty car buyers. The new base models, called 1SV, have fewer extras compared to the previous base models, giving them a stripped down, bare necessities functionality and cost. The cars still generally keep their most important features, so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot on the deal.

Unfortunately, Buick SUVs like the Enclave or Encore will not be getting a newer, cheaper base model. The following Buick sedans are the only models getting a price upgrade. One new base model in particular stands out as (more…)

6 Things Flashing Headlights Could Mean

Mustang Car Headlights Classic

Image via Flickr by aresauburn

Imagine you were driving through the stark beauty of Texas hill country. Before setting out, you probably would have looked at maps, determined your itinerary, and looked for things to do along the way. You’re set. Or are you? One common driving custom that varies from place to place is the headlight flash, and knowing what it means to see flashing lights in your rearview mirror could be valuable on your next Texas adventure.

Turn On Your Headlights

In many states, including Texas, it is normal for people to flash their headlights to other motorists to signal that they need to turn on their headlights. This most often happens in (more…)

New Tech Updates for 2016 Sierra

2016 gmc sierra update technology truck

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The GMC Sierra has long been a favorite among truck enthusiasts, but this year’s 2016 HD model will pique the interest of techies as well. New features with futuristic technology make this one of the top trucks for the upcoming 2016 model year. Learn more about the incredible specs and cool upgrades for the new Sierra HD from GMC.

GMC IntelliLink

Perhaps the most exciting of the Sierra’s new tech upgrades is (more…)

4 Reasons to Upgrade to the GMC Sierra Elevation

GMC Sierra Elevation

Image via Flickr by FotoSleuth

Texas is truck country, and if you’re looking for a new truck, it’s time to take a look at the new GMC Sierra Elevation edition. The GMC Sierra is one of the country’s most popular pick-up trucks—sales are up over 3 percent over last year—and the new Elevation package raises the bar for buyers in the sport truck market. If you’re driving around Fort Worth in a boring old truck, here are a few good reasons to upgrade to the GMC Sierra Elevation edition.

It’s Got Sporty Good Looks

The Sierra Elevation edition has a muscular shape and a sharp monochromatic appearance, with front and rear body colored bumpers for a clean, striking look. Its 20-inch (more…)