Image via Flickr by AlBargan

Image via Flickr by AlBargan

A new year means a new set of car models, and the first details on the 2017 models have begun to trickle out. Chevrolet is looking to dominate the sometimes-neglected hatchback/crossover class with the Trax, a globally successful model with style and utility to spare. Take a look at this summary of the new features of the model, and you’ll surely agree that the Trax is a smart choice for any driver.


The changes made to the 2017 Chevrolet Trax are immediately visible when you look at the car. The 2017 moves the car’s exterior closer to the other current Chevrolet models, including the Volt, Bolt, and Malibu. The appearance is more square than in previous years. New headlights, front fenders, front and rear fascias, taillights, and hood help to make this one of Chevrolet’s most distinctive and interesting entries in the class yet. The classic hatchback styling makes it a smart choice for commuters and small families. So, there is something to please every kind of consumer.


The changes to the Trax don’t end with the exterior. Inside the car, luxury and technology combine to create a powerhouse. Much like the exterior features, the dashboard has been adjusted to match closely with other new Chevrolets, with a seven-inch screen for interaction with smart devices. The digital displays have been traded out for more traditional-looking gauges and chrome trim. The spacious cabin gives plenty of room to all kinds of drivers and passengers. 4G LTE connectivity rounds out the interior features, supporting up to seven device connections at once. Expanded cargo space allows you to haul more than ever before, and folding seats let you adjust the interior to match your needs for each trip.

Engineering and Engine

The drivability of the Trax has not changed much from the previous model year, continuing to provide the smooth ride that Chevrolet is known for. The front suspension and tubular V beam torsion maintain the untroubled travel of prior versions, keeping you in control in all conditions. The 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine gives the car more than enough power for most uses. A six speed transmission helps to get the car up to speed with no problems.


In the past, the Trax was delayed in the American market as Chevrolet worked to upgrade the sturdiness of the vehicle in a crash. Those years of engineering work have paid off with the Trax, which now holds some top safety ratings. The 2017 is certainly a safe vehicle, with rear cross-traffic alerts, thorough air bag coverage, a rearview camera, forward collision alerts, blind spot monitors, lane departure warnings, and electronic stability controls. Clearly, Chevrolet has pulled out all the stops to make sure this is one car that is both fun and safe to drive.

Overall, the Trax is set up to dominate its class and become a fixture on the roads of America. Its potent mixture of safety, power, and style make it a great choice for city driving. Take a look, and you’ll surely agree that this is a car on the way up.

Looking Ahead to the 2017 Chevy Trax

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