Image via Flickr by David Guo's Master

Image via Flickr by David Guo’s Master

Do you have a big family? Maybe a band? Maybe you just need some more cargo space because that SUV just isn’t cutting it anymore. The GMC Savana may be the answer to all your concerns. Some drivers may have seen these large passenger vans cruising around Fort Worth every once in a while, and they were likely driven as a company vehicle. The Savana, however, works just as well, if not better, as a practical family vehicle. Here is how you can load your life into the GMC Savana.

The Practical Passenger Van

Many businesses use the GMC Savana and other passenger vans for professional purposes, but the Savana can also be used within a family. Many drivers may see a passenger van and feel driving one of them must feel like driving a bus, but those who actually drive Savanas have said otherwise. A powerful 4.8-liter, V-8 engine quickly gets the van up to speed, whether on the highway or in town, and the Savana’s handling is known for being responsive.

In terms of keeping you and your passengers safe, the Savana comes equipped with antilock brakes, side curtain air bags, traction and stability control, and even a temporary, six-month subscription to OnStar’s emergency response service. In addition, drivers have the option of having rear parking sensors and a rearview camera.

But wait, we’re just getting started. Let’s talk about space, because that’s what these vans are known for. The Savana can seat up to 12 passengers, with higher trim levels adding an extra row to make it 15 passengers. Even with all the seats in place, the Savana has a total of 92.1 cubic feet of cargo space. With all the seats down, that number jumps to a staggering 216.2 cubic feet of space. With all that room, you should have no problem transporting sports equipment, band equipment, or even just gear for a long road trip. For even bigger loads, the Savana can also tow up to 9,800 pounds. In addition to all that cargo space, passengers need not worry about running out of room. The Savana still leaves plenty of space for its guests, making it perfect for carpooling to work or school.

Other Savana Specs

For a passenger van, the Savana has an average fuel efficiency, clocking in at about 11 miles per gallon in town and up to 18 mpg on the highway. The Savana also offers the convenience of a 4G Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. You can also have your phone connected to the Savana’s touch screen through IntelliLink, which allows you to control your phone either from the screen or with your voice.

For all that you get with the GMC Savana, you would think it may cost more than it does. Fortunately, the Savana starts only at $32,000. Whether you’re looking for safety, power, versatile capacity, or technology, you will be able to find all the above in the GMC Savana.

Load Your Life Into the GMC Savana

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