Image via Flickr by AutoweekUSA

Image via Flickr by AutoweekUSA

Two new trucks are roaring out of the factories, ready to redefine the market. They are the two new packages for the GMC Canyon, the All Terrain X, and the Denali. These two packages, both revolutionary, are for very different kinds of drivers. Here is a brief guide to the key features of each setup.


The GMC Canyon has been a dominating force in the truck arena since 2004 when the first vehicles with the nameplate rolled off the lines. It shares design and parts with the Chevrolet Colorado but has a very high profile for its own brand name in North America. Now in its second generation, the Canyon is a top-tier compact pickup, perfect for those looking for a little extra hauling power.


The two packages each feature a specific exterior style that matches different tastes. The Denali is a show truck for enthusiasts with a model-exclusive chrome grill that draws the eye to the high-end trim highlights that make the truck shine. The All Terrain X, by contrast, goes for a simpler but more intimidating look. As a true off-road model, the All Terrain X doesn’t want a lot of shiny surfaces for its owner to clean after a dirt road session.


The core of the Canyon is the 305 horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine, giving it a ton of power. The Canyon is rated for up to 7,000 pounds of towing. There is also a 2.8-liter Duramax Turbo Diesel engine option. Whichever way you go, you are certain to have more than enough energy for your needs.


The main performance difference between the Denali and All Terrain X packages is the addition of some serious off-roading options to the latter. It includes Goodyear off-roading tires, aluminum wheels, an autolocking rear differential, and a suspension calibrated to take the punishment inherent in leaving the pavement behind. A spare wheel, multiple tow spots, and a hill descent control package round the features out. All of these make the All Terrain X the off-road monster you have been looking for all your life.


The Denali, by contrast, emphasizes luxury. While the All Terrain X includes some climate control and remote start and entry features, the Denali shines with several add-ons designed to make the driving experience better than ever before. The seats feature leather appointments with a heating and ventilation system built in to keep them at the perfect temperature year round. The steering wheel is also heated. The console features an IntelliLink infotainment setup to make navigating and managing your entertainment a breeze; features here include integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The model also includes OnStar connectivity for safety and convenience.

Whether you are a wilderness enthusiast looking for a truck to tear up the terrain or a city driver who likes to show off some chrome, the new Canyon models have you covered. Get to your dealer and test out the next generation of trucking excitement today.

GMC’s Two New Models

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