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Even when a gallon of gas doesn’t cost more than a gallon of milk, fuel efficiency is becoming an important feature for car owners who like to do what they can to save the environment and who want to future-proof their wallets against the next time fuel prices spike upwards. A good fuel efficiency also means you can go farther between pit stops, a nice feature for Fort Worth residents who feel like enjoying the 675,000 miles of roads in Texas. Here are a few Buick vehicles that won’t make you dread visiting the gas station.


When the newest generation of the Buick Enclave showed up for the 2013 model year, it became the most fuel-efficient crossover created by a domestic automaker. That’s not the most fuel efficient upscale crossover, mind you, but the most efficient crossover of any domestic manufacturer of any make.

Aside from being in the compact size range, the Encore accomplishes this feat by using a very lean but very punchy 1.4-liter turbo engine that manages to pack 138 ponies under the hood. With FWD, the Enclave can get 33 highway and 25 city mpg. The powerful SIDI engine goes even farther, with 153 horsepower and 34/28 mpg.


Thanks to their relatively small size and light frames, compact sedans have always been the place car buyers look first to find an efficient vehicle. The Buick Verano definitely delivers on that front, and with the normal-aspirated 2.4-liter engine option, it can provide 32 highway and 21 city mpg. The smaller 2.0-liter turbo engine doesn’t sacrifice much efficiency for performance, either, dropping the efficiency down to 30/21 mpg in exchange for 70 more horsepower.

LaCrosse With eAssist

Today’s LaCrosse sedans can come with something Buick calls eAssist technology. Buick hybrids use more than just a powerful lithium-ion battery to take some stress off the 2.4-liter engine; they also come with start-stop technology that shuts the engine down when you’re idling, saving fuel. The eAssist regenerative brakes can transfer stopping power to the battery. As a result of all of this, a LaCrosse with eAssist can get 36 highway and 25 city mpg.

Regal with eAssist

The LaCrosse isn’t the only Buick sedan to take full advantage of what the eAssist system has to offer. Joining it is the Regal, Buick’s midsize offering. The hybrid version of the Regal uses the same 2.4-liter gasoline engine as the LaCrosse, but thanks to its leaner, lighter frame, eAssist technology increases the Regal’s already impressive 19 city and 29 highway mpg to 25 city and 36 highway mpg.

The Buick brand offers a compromise between the comfort of a luxury car and the price of an affordable vehicle. With Buick, you can get a high-quality interior without breaking the bank, and so it should be no surprise that the company’s philosophy extends to providing some of the most efficient vehicles on the road. Whether you go on long cruises on the Texas highways or often get trapped in Fort Worth rush hour traffic, a Buick is an efficient choice.

Fuel Efficient Buicks for Fort Worth

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