Image via Flickr by The Toad

Image via Flickr by The Toad

Buick, one of GM’s oldest brands, has always been known for producing luxury vehicles. But you have a family now; you can only have luxury without a family, right? Wrong. With the Enclave, Buick has made it possible for you to find a family-friendly vehicle that still allows you to enjoy the luxury of a classy Buick. Here’s what makes the Enclave the Family Luxury Vehicle.


Let’s start with what Buick does best: luxury. What does the Enclave add to the classy lineup of Buick vehicles? The Enclave’s interior boasts three rows of seating with lots of space. As has always been Buick’s goal, the Enclave drives comfortably and smoothly and is able to traverse rough terrain with little jolting inside the cabin. The Enclave’s handling is smooth and responsive, and its interior is smooth and attractive, giving off a feeling of ambient luxury.

Easy-to-use comfort control adds to the Enclave’s comfort and luxury, with tri-zone climate control so everyone in the vehicle can enjoy his or her own preferred temperature. Not only that, more convenience is provided with Buick Intellilink, which allows you to connect with your family and friends without touching your phone. Your family will be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable, luxurious drive in the Enclave.

Family Luxury

While it’s easy to tell at a glance that the Enclave stands as a contender in the luxury class, it has more than meets the eye when it comes to accommodating families. First are the Enclave’s safety ratings. It earned five out of five stars in government crash test ratings, bringing it to one of the top in its class in safety.

What makes the Enclave so safe? Not only is the vehicle equipped with front and side air bags, it is also equipped with an air bag that deploys between the driver and passenger seats in the event of a side impact. Not only will the Enclave protect you in case of an accident, both the Leather and Premium Groups come equipped with blind-spot warning and cross-traffic alert systems.

The Enclave also has some of the best cargo capacity in its class. With the seats up, it has 23.3 cubic feet of cargo space and a total of 115.2 cubic feet of cargo space. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or on a family vacation, you’ll have the room for anything you need.

For an SUV, the Enclave maintains an average level of fuel efficiency. You’ll manage to drive about 17 miles per gallon in the city and up to 24 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Enclave starts at $39,065, which is a decent price for all that comes in the package. Included with all the things already mentioned, the Enclave also has a 4G Wi-Fi hot spot; a 3.6-liter, V-6 Engine; and it can even tow up to 4,500 pounds.

Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. With the Buick Enclave, you can have the comfort and convenience of a luxury vehicle combined with the safety, room, and efficiency of a family-friendly vehicle.


Family Luxury: The Buick Enclave for Discerning Fort Worth Families

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